Our “Ability” Employment Process

Relationships are important to the team at PPRC. We spend approximately four years with each client from the employment planning stage, through the 13 weeks of employment, to the 33-month follow-up period in which we provide ongoing support.

Our employment process begins with a preliminary interview. We discuss each client’s work history, interests, education, medical history, and disability adjustment issues. Most importantly, however, we focus on their abilities as opposed to their limitations. We determine a realistic employment goal that fits their abilities, their interests, and the types of opportunities that are available in the current marketplace.

Our involvement with clients does not end when they are placed in a job. We provide ongoing support during and after their placement. In the rare occurrence that a placement is not working out, we will intervene to help resolve any vocationally-related problems and find a more ideal situation for our client.

PPRC provides application support (click here to visit Application Support section) and help with navigating the paperwork and disability forms. PPRC also provides vocational rehabilitation (click here to visit Vocational Rehabilitation section), career coaching (click here to visit Career Coaching section), and skills development training (click here to visit Skills Training section) to our clients, as needed.

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