Vocational Rehabilitation

Due to new technologies, advanced medical treatments, and skills development training, individuals with a disability or injury are able to return to the workforce more quickly and effectively than ever before. PPRC helps evaluate and coordinate services to assist people with disabilities in coping with limitations caused by such factors as cognitive and learning difficulties, psychological conflict or distress, or the loss of physical or functional ability.

PPRC offers vocational rehabilitation services to assist individuals with a disability or injury with reintegration into the work environment. We provide a strong support system to our clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas who want to find a job with the aim of becoming as independent as possible and maintaining this independence.

Our vocational rehabilitation approach includes one-on-one career planning and assistance to deal with societal and personal problems. We also provide guidance through the maze of the employment service process and help with the development of an individualized plan to meet the needs of both the client and their prospective employer.

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