Mediation Services

Some level of conflict in the workplace is inevitable however; if handled correctly, a positive and productive work environment can exist. Conflict involving employees with disabilities can occur when there is a discrepancy between how the employee and employer believe the disability is being accommodated.   

Often times, it is difficult for those close to the conflict to be objective. This is where a mediator can be helpful. A mediator is a neutral third party individual who assists in working towards a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation offers each participant:

  1. An opportunity to discuss his or her perspective of the workplace issue(s);
  2. An opportunity to develop new ways of handling their workplace issue(s);
  3. An opportunity to create positive solutions to improve their relationship and their working environment.

PPRC’s extensive experience working with employees who have cognitive and learning difficulties, psychological conflict or distress, or the loss of physical or functional ability makes us a valuable resource when it comes to mediation.

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