Functional Workplace Assessments

PPRC’s job analyses are conducted to determine the specific physical demands of a particular position with a particular employer. Upon visiting and assessing the workplace environment and physical requirements of the position, PPRC provides a job analysis report containing specific information on the frequency, repetition, load, time, distance, and other specific parameters of each of the essential tasks of a position such as sitting, standing, lifting, bending/stooping, crouching, and reaching. This assessment will prove instrumental in the selection of individuals with disabilities for job placements, as each individual has specific needs and functional abilities.

A job analysis is always conducted on-site, requiring direct visual and physical access to the specific environment in which the essential tasks are to be performed. In most cases, the evaluator will rely on objective observations of uninjured workers to determine the details of the physical demands.

PPRC professionals will also visit the employer’s workplace to conduct functional assessments. The assessment will outline the individual worker’s functional abilities and limitations to determine the ability to perform the rated physical demands outlined in the job analysis. These functional capacity evaluations are performed in a safe, controlled, neutral environment to ensure that quality objective information is gathered with no outside distractions. PPRC’s functional assessment will assist to determine the extent of disability with respect to performing a specific job. The assessment report findings can be matched to the client’s original job, a modified job, or any occupation.

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