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 Left to right: Ian Grant (PPRC), Dawson Frobel, Marilyne Lapierre (Sphere)

Some pretty magnificent things happen when talented people team up to pursue innovative research. 

That spirit of teamwork was in full force when The Ottawa Hospital, Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care (PPRC) and Sphere teamed up to help Dawson Frobel access meaningful and challenging work at the hospital’s research institute.

Dawson was a job seeker with a disability who had been educated at Algonquin College and graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Bio-Technology.  Finding suitable employment in his field was not easy.  When Dawson decided to work with PPRC, the doors started to open.

PPRC provides supported employment to persons with disabilities.  In Dawson’s case, PPRC teamed up with Sphere, a non-profit organization, to access the Opportunities Fund.  The Opportunities Fund is a national program that provides additional funding for individuals with disabilities to help create job placement opportunities.

Dawson completed his student placement at the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital, where he obtained valuable experience in his field of choice.  He built up his work history and had an opportunity to showcase his strengths. 

Today Dawson is working full-time assisting with daily preparation in a research laboratory at The Ottawa Hospital.  Brian Cayen is Dawson’s supervisor.  “Dawson is very good. He cares about his quality of work and he is always punctual. The term contract allowed me to build the business case for the full-time position, but it would not have happened without the funding from Sphere and the coordination from PPRC.”

“I really like my job,” says Dawson, “I like the work, my co-workers are great and I am glad that someone gave me a chance.  My parents always helped me to look for work in the science field, and my dad still supports me today.  We lost my mom last year but I think she would be proud.”

Both Brian and Dawson say that they would recommend other employers and clients to contact PPRC.  “It was good for us and good for Dawson.”

PPRC provides vocational rehabilitation to persons with disabilities, as an approved service provider under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). We match employers with suitable job seekers.  Our success is your success.  Call PPRC at 1-800-427-6214 or visit our webpage at  You will also find links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.