Our Network

PPRC is not an employment or job placement agency, but we do specialize in helping people who experience social disadvantage and disability (as well as those who are coming off of any kind of disability leave) establish a career goal, and acquire paid employment. Our Job Placement Programs are offered in conjunction with the Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Supports. We offer a free job matching service to employers who operate and manage a registered business in Ontario and a wage subsidy during the on-the-job training period.

Due to our success in establishing ideal employment matches and coordinating successful job placements to satisfy working relationships, we have established a strong network of employers and community-based organizations in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. These organizations have partnered with PPRC again and again to acquire motivated, reliable, and dependable workers. Our network of employers is made up or organizations that trust in PPRC’s rehabilitation services and are willing and able to assist persons who experience social disadvantage, injury, or disability to reintegrate into the workforce. Our network ensures that we have the ability to help our clients reach their career and job placement goals as quickly as possible.

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